Art Tikkel

Art Tikkel is an unique transport and storage system for paintings and other flat or framed objects. It’s a light, quick to work and reusable system. It provides a great alternative to bubblewrap and other packing crates.

Art Tikkel is made of a special polystyrene mix called Piocelan, a more robust variant of EPS with an excellent capability to buffer temperature, shocks and vibrations. Also Art Tikkel is airtight and easy to adjust and handle.

Use Art Tikkel for paintings or other “flat” objects that require safe transportation or storage. Working with Art Tikkel is simple and quick. When a work is placed inside an Art Tikkel, the supplied blocks can be cut to size so that the work can be supported in the most suitable places. When the Art Tikkel is closed, the blocks and thus the work are fixed in place and ready for carefree transport or storage.

Excl. tax
Art Tikkel
(incl. blockset)
€ 250,00 € 225,00 € 200,00
(8 lock- en 16 coupleblocks)
€ 15,00€ 13,50 € 12,00
mm (lxwxh)
Art Tikkel1240x990x2151100x850x125

3D Tikkel

3D Tikkel provides the best re-usable solution for packing objects of art and heritage for transport and storage of today!

The modular design makes it possible to adjust the size to fit both object as well as logistics.

The material used for the 3D Tikkel makes it possible to stabilise any shape or form object without the need for excessive use of materials and hiding of the objects. It makes packing easy, controllable and understandable for both packers and unpackers. The material can easily be cut, which offers the possibility to customize the Tikkel and its parts to any object. Cut, puncture, bind, clamp; let the object determine how it needs to be packed and create a light, easy to manage and safe packaging for the object.

3D Tikkel is available in three standard sizes: small, medium and large. Every size has an interchangeable base, rings and lid. Each of these parts can be stacked, regardless of the different sizes. A box has a standard height of 15 cm for easy acces and can be raised to any desired height with the 10 cm high rings. By using the dividers the Tikkels can be provided with a compartment layout. Which can be altered to suit the object if needed. The 3D Tikkel is made of a special polystyrene mix called Piocelan, a more robust variant of EPS with an excellent capability to buffer the temperature, shocks and vibrations. It is easy to create an airtight or vapor-tight packaging. Piocelan is free from emissions, making it absolutely safe for collections both inside and outside the 3D Tikkel.

Prices 3D Tikkel Small
Excl. Tax
Box S€ 7,50€ 6,75€ 6,00
Ring S€ 5,00€4,50€ 4,00
Lid S€ 5,00€ 4,50€ 4,00
Prices 3D Tikkel Medium
Excl. Tax
Box M€ 12,00€ 10,80€ 9,60
Ring M€ 7,50€ 6,75€ 6,00
Lid M€ 7,50€ 6,75€ 6,00
Prices 3D Tikkel Large
Excl. Tax
Box L€ 24,00€ 21,60€ 19,20
Ring L€ 13,00 € 11,70€ 10,40
Lid L€ 13,00€ 11,70 € 10,40
Divider€ 0,50
mm (lxwxh)
3D Tikkel boxSmall300x400x150245x345x120
3D Tikkel ringSmall300x400x100245x345x100
3D Tikkel lidSmall300x400x35 
Dividerone size100x740x8 


Filler provides a fast and easy to use solution to stabilize or support an object for transport, storage or exhibition. Filler is a pillow made from high-quality knitted unbleached cotton and filled with polystyrene beads. All the shocks and vibrations are absorbed within the filler and this makes it that the objects will nestle themselves in the filler creating a safe and stable result. The filler is also easy to use as a filling for packaging.

It is an unrivalled solution for fast and safe stabilisation of objects.

We have a standard stock of two sizes in two filling percentages. The Medium 400×600 mm and the large 600×800 mm. Both available in 40 or 60 percent filled.

Excl. tax
Medium40%€ 35,00€ 31,50€ 28,00
60%€ 38,00 € 34,20€ 30,40
Large 40% € 58,00 € 52,20€ 46,40
60% € 69,00 € 62,10€ 55,20

Customization is possible on request. (All sizes and filling percentages possible)

Stable Art

Stable Art is the best intermediate between frames and hanging systems. Attach the work on any system without altering the work itself. Manipulate the work once by attaching the Stable Art on the frame and maintain complete flexibility with the possibility to switch between the different hooks, brackets, braces or other solutions

Stable Art is available in 2 different sizes and consists of a straight metal base on which a metal bridge is applied. This bridge is provided with an M6 tapered opening, which provides the possibility to attach different types of screws, bolts and suspension systems to the base. The metal base ensures a fixed maximum depth preventing any damage to the underlying wood of the frame that may be caused by screws. The risk of splitting the grain in the frame is reduced due to the specific placement for the screws.

In addition, Stable Art provides an opening between painting and wall, allowing an airflow behind the painting. This airflow reduces the chance of a microclimate forming behind the painting. The opening between the bridge and the base can, among other things, be used for attaching anti-theft systems.

Excl. tax
1 100 300
Stable Art small € 9,00 € 8,10€ 7,20
Stable Art large€ 9,50 € 8,55€ 7,60
Hook small€ 2,00€ 1,80€ 1,60
Hook large€ 2,00 € 1,80 € 1,60
Closed Eye€ 2,00 € 1,80 € 1,60
Adjustable€ 2,00 € 1,80 € 1,60
Stable Arts sizes mm (lxwxh)
Stable Art small 50x15x8
Stable Art large 75x20x10

Roll On

Roll On is an easy to handle lightweight and rigid roll, used for the transport and storage of carpets, banners, flags, paintings and other rollable objects. The roll is made of EPS and has an optional glass or carbon fibre core. With these lightweight materials the weight of the roll remains minimal and considerably reduces the risks ,associated with weight, in handling and transporting objects. Roll On is custom-made to specifications. Possible sizes vary from 1 to 120 cm in diameter and in between 10 to 700 cm in length.

Price on request

Hang On

Hang On is a preformed clotheshanger, specifically designed for textiles that require more support. The form is made of a special polystyrene mix called Piocelan, which is safe for textiles, provides strong support and does not sag in the long term. Cutting and adding to this material is easy, leaves no mess and makes alterations effortless.

Excl. tax
Hang On€ 12,50€ 11,25€ 10,00