Art Tikkel

The ideal solution for transporting and storing paintings!

This innovative transport and storage packaging is specially designed for paintings, prints, stained glass, and other 2-dimensional works. With the Art Tikkel, you can safely move and store your valuable artworks with peace of mind.

What makes the Art Tikkel so special? First and foremost, it is lightweight and user-friendly. Made from advanced materials, the Art Tikkel is lightweight and easy to handle, allowing you to effortlessly transport and store your artworks.

Moreover, the Art Tikkel is reusable. Because this means you can use it over and over again, this not only provides long-term savings but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Together with the Art Tikkel, we are reducing the amount of waste caused by traditional packaging methods.

The Art Tikkel offers excellent protection for your artworks. Thanks to its temperature and humidity buffering, your artworks are shielded from harmful fluctuations. Additionally, the materials used in the Art Tikkel effectively dampen vibrations, ensuring the safety of your artworks during transport.

Securing your artworks is easy with the included adjustable blocks. You can cut the blocks to size, providing a secure and stable attachment that prevents your artworks from shifting or getting damaged during transportation.

At Preservables, we believe in delivering a high-quality product and providing solutions for its entire lifespan. That’s why the Art Tikkel is designed with circularity in mind, and we offer solutions for the sustainable reuse of all its parts.

Choose the Art Tikkel and give your artworks the protection they deserve during transport and storage. Order now and enjoy the peace of mind that your precious artworks are safe and protected while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Excl. tax
Art Tikkel
(incl. blockset)
€ 337,50€ 312,19 € 286,88
(8 lock- en 16 coupleblocks)
€ 17,25€ 15,96 € 14,66
mm (lxwxh)
Art Tikkel1240x990x2151100x850x125

3D Tikkel

3D Tikkel provides the best re-usable solution for packing objects of art and heritage for transport and storage of today!

The modular design makes it possible to adjust the size to fit both object as well as logistics.

The material used for the 3D Tikkel makes it possible to stabilise any shape or form object without the need for excessive use of materials and hiding of the objects. It makes packing easy, controllable and understandable for both packers and unpackers. The material can easily be cut, which offers the possibility to customize the Tikkel and its parts to any object. Cut, puncture, bind, clamp; let the object determine how it needs to be packed and create a light, easy to manage and safe packaging for the object.

3D Tikkel is available in three standard sizes: small, medium and large. Every size has an interchangeable base, rings and lid. Each of these parts can be stacked, regardless of the different sizes. A box has a standard height of 15 cm for easy acces and can be raised to any desired height with the 10 cm high rings. By using the dividers the Tikkels can be provided with a compartment layout. Which can be altered to suit the object if needed. The 3D Tikkel is made of a special polystyrene mix called Piocelan, a more robust variant of EPS with an excellent capability to buffer the temperature, shocks and vibrations. It is easy to create an airtight or vapor-tight packaging. Piocelan is free from emissions, making it absolutely safe for collections both inside and outside the 3D Tikkel.

Prices 3D Tikkel Small
Excl. Tax
Box S€ 8,91€ 8,24€ 7,57
Ring S€ 5,67€ 5,39€ 5,10
Lid S€ 5,94€ 5,35€ 4,75
Prices 3D Tikkel Medium
Excl. Tax
Box M€ 13,61€ 12,59€ 11,57
Ring M€ 8,18€ 7,77€ 7,36
Lid M€ 9,32€ 8,38€ 7,45
Prices 3D Tikkel Large
Excl. Tax
Box L€ 29,81€ 28,32€ 26,83
Ring L€ 14,32€ 13,60€ 12,89
Lid L€ 15,44€ 14,67€ 13,90
Divider€ 0,50
mm (lxwxh)
3D Tikkel boxSmall300x400x150245x345x120
3D Tikkel ringSmall300x400x100245x345x100
3D Tikkel lidSmall300x400x35 
Dividerone size100x740x8 


The must-have tool for fast, stable, and secure transportation of valuable objects. With its high-quality finish and unique features, the Filler is an essential tool for transportation, storage, and exhibitions.

Our Filler is made from high-quality knitted unbleached cotton and filled with EPS beads, providing a perfect combination of stability and protection. Thanks to these features, your objects will remain securely in place while effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations. No more shifting during transportation, ensuring your objects arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

In addition to its use as a form-fitting base for objects, the Filler is also an excellent choice for packaging fillers. The flexibility of the filler allows it to effortlessly conform to the contours of your products, ensuring they are securely and safely protected during transportation. With the Filler, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your valuable goods are safeguarded.

Furthermore, the Filler is a sustainable choice! We value reuse and eco-friendliness. That’s why our Filler is designed to be used multiple times and can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius. This enables you to easily clean and reuse the Fillers without compromising on quality or functionality. By reducing the use of packaging materials, you not only contribute to waste reduction but also save costs in the long run. This makes the Filler a responsible and smart choice for both your objects and the environment.

We offer two standard sizes: medium measuring 400×600 mm and large measuring 600×800 mm. You also have the option to choose between two filling percentages: 40% and 60%. This allows you to perfectly tailor the Filler to your specific needs and objects. In addition to the standard Fillers we have in stock, we can manufacture the Filler in any size and filling percentage upon request.

Order your Filler now and experience the benefits of fast, stable, and secure transportation! Trust in our high-quality finish and let your objects shine without worries. With the Filler, you can transform transportation, storage, and exhibitions into effortless and stress-free experiences. Place your order today and enjoy the peace of mind that our Filler provides!

Excl. tax
Medium40%€ 36,54€ 32,89€ 29,23
60%€ 39,59€ 35,63€ 31,67
Large 40% € 59,89€ 55,39€ 50,90
60% € 71,05€ 65,72€ 60,39

Customization is possible on request. (All sizes and filling percentages possible)

Stable Art

Introducing the Stable Art, the groundbreaking hanging system that is already being used in countless museums. Whether your artwork is being exhibited or safely stored in the depot, the Stable Art offers ultimate flexibility and convenience.

The Stable Art consists of two essential components: the Stable Art base and an assortment of interchangeable hooks. The purpose of this system is to install a hanging system once and then maintain complete flexibility, regardless of the location or presentation of the artwork.

The base of the Stable Art has been carefully designed to provide durability and stability, with an impressive maximum weight capacity of 25 kg for the small Stable Art and 35 kg for the large Stable Art. Made of sturdy steel and coated with a durable finish, the Stable Art is a reliable solution for both small and large paintings, suitable for any challenge.

The key distinguishing feature of the Stable Art is the assortment of interchangeable hooks. These hooks can be easily attached to the base and effortlessly replaced, depending on the specific requirements of the artwork. Whether you want to hang a painting with a traditional wire, suspend it on a mesh rack in the depot, or explore other hanging options, the Stable Art provides the right hook for every situation.

The usage of the Stable Art in numerous museums attests to the reliability and effectiveness of this innovative hanging system. It is a proven choice for professionals in the art world, offering peace of mind knowing that artworks are securely and firmly hung.

The Stable Art seamlessly integrates with the hanging possibilities offered by STAS, ensuring a seamless combination of both systems. Whether you are already using STAS hanging rails or planning to install them, the Stable Art is an excellent addition. The compatibility between the two systems allows for easy and flexible hanging and presentation of artworks, leveraging the proven quality and reliability of both the Stable Art and STAS. This empowers artists, collectors, and gallery owners to exhibit their artworks in a professional and versatile manner.

In summary, the Stable Art is the perfect solution for hanging artworks with maximum flexibility and convenience. Whether you are a museum curator, gallery owner, or art enthusiast, the Stable Art will not disappoint. It is the ultimate choice for safely and professionally presenting artworks, regardless of where they are displayed or stored.

Excl. tax
1 50300
Stable Art small € 9,59€ 8,63€ 7,67
Stable Art large€ 10,12€ 9,11€ 8,10
Hook small€ 2,10€ 1,89€ 1,68
Hook large€ 2,10€ 1,89€ 1,68
Closed Eye€ 2,10€ 1,89€ 1,68
Stable Arts sizes mm (lxwxh)
Stable Art small 50x15x8
Stable Art large 75x20x10

Art Rack

Your Ideal Painting Rack Solution!

At Preservables, we understand the importance of preserving your artworks in a safe and appealing manner. That’s why we offer an innovative product that allows you to create a painting rack quickly and affordably within a shelf compartment.

Our Art Rack is made of high-quality and durable 5cm thick EPS material, ensuring optimal buffering and stability. This keeps your artworks protected against shocks and vibrations while securely holding them in place. It’s the perfect solution for art galleries, museums, art collectors, and artists in search of a flexible and secure storage option.

We believe in custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you have a small art collection or need to organize a large space, we can customize the Art Rack to fit the dimensions and requirements of your shelves. With various compartment configurations and sizes, we can create a painting rack that perfectly complements your collection.

What sets Art Rack apart is its easy installation and affordability. Our rack can be quickly and easily assembled into existing shelves, eliminating the need for major renovations. This not only saves time but also costs. We understand the importance of working within a budget, and that’s why we offer affordable solutions without compromising on quality.

At Art Rack, we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best solution that fits their budget. That’s why we provide pricing upon request. Contact us today, and our dedicated team is ready to provide you with more information and a personalized quote.

Transform your art collection with Art Rack – the ideal choice for a quickly achievable, affordable, and secure painting rack. Contact us to explore the possibilities of preserving your artworks in the best possible way. Your art deserves the best, and Art Rack can help you achieve that.

Roll On

The Roll On is an innovative solution for the transport and storage of carpets, paintings, and other rollable works. It is specifically designed to significantly reduce the risks associated with rolling and transporting such objects. By utilizing a combination of an EPS outer shell and a fiberglass or carbon core, the weight of the roll itself remains minimal.

One of the key advantages of the Roll On is that the weight of the roll does not contribute to the total weight of the object being transported. This greatly reduces the risk of damage or distortion to the object. The lightweight construction of the roll also makes it easier to roll, transport, and store the object, thereby improving efficiency in the workflow.

As for dimensions, the Roll On is a fully customizable made-to-order product. The diameters of the roll can range from 10 to 120 cm, while the lengths can vary from 10 to 700 cm. This allows customers to tailor the Roll On to their specific requirements. Whether it’s a small carpet or a large painting, the Roll On can be customized to perfectly fit the object.

The Roll On offers a reliable and efficient solution for the safe transport and storage of carpets, paintings, and other rollable works. With its lightweight construction and customizable dimensions, the Roll On caters to the unique needs of every customer. Contact us for more information or a custom quote.

Hang On

The Padded Hanger for the Cultural Sector!

The Hang On has been carefully designed as a replacement for traditional padded hangers. Its sturdy pre-formed padding ensures that delicate garments, such as costumes, dresses, and historical outfits, can be hung safely and without distortion. With Hang On, you can store your valuable clothing items with peace of mind, knowing that they will remain in optimal condition.

Additionally, the Hang On hanger is highly durable and of high quality. Its robust material and reinforced construction make it capable of supporting heavier garments and enduring long-term use.

The convenience of the Hang On cannot be overstated. Whether you are a costume designer, curator, theater professional, or avid collector, the Hang On is the must-have accessory for securely storing clothing items. The Hang On makes clothing storage simple, efficient, and professional.

Enhance the support for your valuable garments and keep them in optimal condition. Order your set of Hang On hangers today and experience the difference.

Excl. tax
Hang On€ 14,18€ 13,11€ 12,05